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Creative Industry Report: ONLEWO

Onlewo is a Singaporean design label founded by Mike Tay. They specialise in gifts, fabrics, lifestyle products and fashion, but what sets them apart from the rest is their designs are always inspired from the unique Singaporean culture.

Their inspiration and style includes, but are not limited to, Peranakan patterns, traditional kueh and heritage locations such as Tiong Bahru, Chinatown and Little India. Their designs are created with the Singaporean root in mind, in hopes to create patterns design with stories.

I admire the way they have mixed the past into the present, allowing anyone to enjoy a ‘contemporary rendition of heritage’ put on everyday lifestyle products like notebooks, lamps, stools and scarves. The fusion of heritage and contemporary creates this new identity of modern yet familiar. It is interesting to see how Onlewo borrows an aspect of heritage, and then modifies it into something more relatable to this present-day. This makes a fun take on everyday items and creates a unique brand for themselves.

This unique branding they have created for themselves is also something I admire very much. Their visuals are clean, natural and the patterns speak an identity for themselves. Their brand identity comes off very strong but is not exaggerated at all, which is what I appreciate about Onlewo and their products.