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Yu Fukagawa

Yu Fukagawa, a Japanese artist and illustrator. With a few lines and sparse use of colour, this artist draws life with an amazing minimalist sense. His nuanced work also shows some humour and a playful style about the story of life and people. The lovely illustration below is a doodle teeming with randomly arranged people and icons, as well as the use of bright colours,  create a sense of ease and humour.



Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French illustrator and art director. Her approach to illustration is all about beautiful simplicity. She strives to find the essence of her subject by using as few lines and colours as possible, paring things down to convey the main idea. For example, The Leftovers (2014). This piece is a cover for the Washington Post summer Film & TV preview. An interesting design by using primary colours (triadic), geometric patterns, as well as the idea of showing body parts disappearing through optical illusions and visual tricks.

The Leftovers (2014)


Timothy Reynolds

Low-poly is not all about portraits, as demonstrated by an American 3D illustrator Timothy Reynolds in his projects that explore the natural world with geometric forms. Here is a part of scenic illustrations that created for TwitchCon 2016 based on the theme “The Road to TwitchCon.”

Got inspiration from the work above, as I have planned to create a ‘food/snack city’ for one of my settings. I like the low saturation colours used in this work, and the contrast of complementary colours red and green also make the whole scene more interesting and vivid. I think this 3D low-poly illustration is the style that I am going to attempt in this project, combining with the use of creamy and muted tone colours.

Colour reference


Colour theory 

Colour schemes

Color Combinations

Colour emotions


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