I’m in a field of wheat, taking my own sweet time to admire the view and the individual strands of wheat.

Shortly after, I hear a thunderstorm approaching and slowly rain starts drizzling down. I then try to get out of this situation.


1.Footsteps amongst the fields of GOLDDD

  • There are two parts to my footsteps: one calm and the other rushed (as I’m running away from the rain) but I used a dry bouquet of flowers (that might or might not have been from Someone else’s Valentine) to recreate the sound.
  • I varied the mood by playing with the amplification of the clips and the tempo of the steps.

2. Hands brushing through the wheat

  • For this, I also used the dry bouquet of flowers┬ábut I used longer strokes to recreate the sound of my fingers dragging across the plants.

3. Approaching Rain

  • This was the most interesting sound I could make because, It was….. BACON. Sizzling bacon on a pan recreated the sound of rain.
  • To make it sound like it’s an approaching drizzle, I manipulated the recording by letting it fade in slower and lessen the amplitude to make it less harsh so much so that it sounds like a drizzle more than a downpour.

4. Wind through the field

  • I simply used a bottle to recreate this effect, where the amount of water in the bottle did not really matter. However, since I am ‘in’ a open field. There should be a higher amount of resonance in my sound therefore I used an empty bottle.
  • I blew/whistled past the mouth of the bottle to recreate the sounds of billowing wind.

5. Birds and crickets

  • For Nature’s Best, I could not recreate the sounds using my mouth or anything else i could find. Therefore I went around thick bushes and compiled noises of real birds chirping and crickets (taken in the morning when they are the most active and there is minimal human activity)

6. Approaching Thunder

  • This sound was manipulated the most and therefore the least recognisable recording in the whole sound scape! I recreated the sound of thunder using A flimsy book cover! I varied the amount of flaps per second and made sure i created some sort of resonance when i recorded the sound so it would be more convincing.
  • I ended up lowering down the pitch and amplification much lower than i expected and created an echo in the recording itself to emphasise on the space involved.


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