Narratives for Interaction: Documentation and Progress III


Goh Cher See | Nicholas Makoto | Zhou Yang

We did research on the relevant parts of the history of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore that we want to present in the game. Throughout the research, we learned about events and happenings that we were previously not aware of. One of the examples will be the Battle of Malaya. We always see the Japanese invasion of Singapore as a stand alone event. However, before the attack on Singapore, the Japanese and British fought a series of battles in Malaya. These are parts of the history that were often overlooked when people take about the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Therefore, we hope to include these parts forgotten history into our game. 

The plan of including the Battle of Malaya into the narrative part of the game. 

We mentioned on the previous post regarding the ending being influenced by the choices made by the players during the game. We are hoping to show how the ending of the game affected the lives of the people of the present time in the game. For example, a character is alive because of a decision that the player made during the game. He/she gets to live to present day Singapore, and he/she feels the impact of the painful memories. Through these emotional struggles shown by the victims of the war, we hope the players can understand and reflect on the effects of war and the loss of freedom on people.

Therefore, we are looking at the possibility of including a portion of the narrative on a scene about the memorial service at the Civilian War Memorial. We hope that this will make the players feel the significance and the impact the Japanese Occupations had on the lives of many Singaporeans and their future generations.

We also started looking into the gameplay elements of the game. We feel that it will be challenging for us as we have limited knowledge on game engines and time is of the essence. We are planning to create some simple yet meaningful game mechanics which allows the players to have an engaging gaming experience. We hope we will be able to work some magic with the limited resources and knowledge we have. 

Moving Forward:

We will continue to refine the story line as we feel the flow is not in sync with what we have in mind. At the same time, we will be gathering resources to start building our game. We will look into tutorials and relevant materials needed to get the ball rolling.  

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