Reflection on garden of the forking paths

After reading, I feel that this plot structure is adopted in many games and films. The main characteristics of this plot structure is that if it where to be used in games, or non linear films where you can pick what you want to see, then most of the content created will not be seen. As the viewer chooses to ‘move past’ a certain plot with an action, the content that the creator makes cannot be at it’s full potential.

However, like what happens in the story, despite the fact that Ts’ui Pen was unsuccessfully finding the  labyrinth, it opened up the choices for Tsun that he could actually make different choices to reach ‘goal’. In the end Dr. Albert was still shot and I felt that what if Dr. Albert decided not to help Tsun? With so many parallel stories going on, i was quite lost in the middle part and have to read a second time to understand fully what was going on.

Overall, I enjoyed the unforeseen plot that lies ahead and felt that more could be added to make the story. I somehow felt that this could also be how a person would think before doing something major, be it marriage or immigration. People tend to think of all the possibilities, the good, the bad and the in between to seek out all the paths before they make a move. I feel that this story indirectly is reflecting on life as a ‘choice based game’.

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