Month: February 2018

Final Project Update by Bao and Fabian – Update ONE

 Artist reference Bruce Nauman, Going around the corner piece (1970), white-washed wallboard cube 284 x 654 x 654 cm, 4 live-video close circuit camera, 4 television sets with live playback. This is a simple yet intriguing complex installation. Participants move in a square corridor, clockwise. At any one corner of the perimeter, they see themselves on the television set placed in the… Read more →

Reflection on Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin

 Designing for the Digital Age by Kim Goodwin, it gives a clearer view on how to effectively design a method/framework for any creators (artist/designers) to pursue their objective for the end goal of their project. The main idea I felt was extremely helpful is Goodwin’s concept of Goal-Directed Design. As a Goal-Directed Design can maximise the efficiency of a team.… Read more →

Reflection on Thoughtful Interaction Design

In this response, I will be addressing one main point I learnt from reading as well as an example to support the main point. The sentence ‘The client has the overall responsibility for the outcome, but a designer is still responsible for the result she produces and hands over to the client.’ from chapter one, page ten addressed the main… Read more →

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