Category: Typographic Portrait

Typographic Portrait: Final Outcome

Biologist I am a cheerful and spontaneous person. Having the orange colour portrays me as cheerful, while the arrangement of the ‘Bacteria’  shows the spontaneous side of me. Engineer My impression of engineers is always them dealing with machines and precise numbers. I am also a person who enjoys achieving precision in my work thus I draw really this detailed and miniature mechanism… Read more →

Typographic Portrait: Execution/Exploration

Most of my exploration of works are using pen. Pen Drawing: Biologist (Using As Final) Pen Drawing: Engineer (Using As Final) Pen Drawing: Woodcarver (Using As Final)     Digital medium: Stairs (Using As Final)   Pen Drawing: Printed Circuit Board (but not going to be used in final) Pen Drawing: Chiropractor  (but not going to be used in final) Digital Medium: Tetris… Read more →

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