Typographic Portrait: Research

I have chosen the short forms and my surname which is how all of my friends address me. (Bao, BSY) I want to experiment with different drawing styles using pen to create different feel in each ‘job’ that I want to portray. My shortlisted Engineer, Biologist, Wood Carver and Stairs.

My approach to this project is to take a significant element of each job and make it a prominent drawing style for my final work.



Engineereng Research-01-01-01-01

To me, engineering is interacting with machines and tools that requires precision. They use blueprints and well planned execution to get the job done. Thus, my approach to portraying engineering will be showing how elaborate and intricate engineering is.

Attributes: Precise, Planned, Blueprints



Bio Research-01

My impression of biologist is them working as any other office worker, but instead of mainly interacting with computers, they interact with micro organisms. I feel that portraying the final artwork filled with micro organisms will let viewers associate well with biologist.

Attributes: Organisms, Alive, Interacting


Wood Carver

WC Research-01

Wood carving to me is another form of drawing but on wood. As I always like the concept of tattoos, maybe my final work wood resemble some tattoos carved into a piece of wood.

Attributes: Patience, Textured



Stairs Research-01

I view stairs as a tool to go to another level, be it play, study or work, the significance of stairs cannot be disregarded. Stairs are used as a terrain to play like in the playgrounds but also a bridge in building to connect levels that are different in height. Thus, in my final work i want to portray that stairs are versatile.

Attributes: Terrain, Woody, Height



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