Research Critique: The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence by Douglas Davis (1994)

After knowing about this ongoing project, I too went be part of the sentence. I found out that there was no regulators, no rules, no blocks and no body administering the entire commenting section. All of the new comment will be added to the bottom of the page. Before writing my comment. I was reading through some of the previous uploads and they made me wonder about the relation between total freedom of speech (actions) and the society.

There are some who are clearly not happy with the elected president, some of fearing big technologies and some talking about them being transsexual. We could somehow see many social problem mentioned in the Sentence. Just an interesting idea: If the programmers of the Longest Collaborative Sentence were to map the content, I am quite sure that all the social issues will fall into the corresponding time line from 1994 till now.

The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence by Douglas Davis (1994) is a extraordinary project and it is a collective real time Twitter or Facebook feed with unfiltered content. It also lets us have a peek into what other people are facing in other parts of the world. Longest Collaborative Sentence is also a virtual ‘ ranting ground’ for people and then other people from all around the world can view and ‘receive that rant’. 

I could find some similarities between this project and Bold3RRR. This project work is larger, more social and unfiltered version of Bold3RRR. Instead of meshing programs and pictures and words together, the Sentence allows participants globally to join in to create an amalgamation of a comments instead of just the artist himself. I like how there are also many languages version of ‘The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence’ to cater to more people who want to join in.

In conclusion, The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence is a ‘third’ space that allows true freedom of speech with no negative consequences. The project is a huge success as it still has users today, constantly posting comments. It would be really interesting to see a sectioned version where every comment is separated from the previous (maybe by a line or something).  Would it further enhance the effects of collecting comments together?







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