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DR3005_06_Short Reading: Another Scale of Architecture

Another Scale of Architecture

The reading is Ishigami, J. (2010). Another scale of architecture. Kyoto: Seigensha.

Scale is a really interesting concept, it affects us more than we think it is. We have this perception of how certain scales are meant for certain things. Especially in architecture and design for outdoor environment where the space can be easily compared to the nature, in which the idea of scale is integrated and naturally felt.

Imagine seeing a huge building form the outside and then we look up to see the sky and back seeing the building. The building that at first seems grand and huge become somehow smaller in scale and we receive different feeling and perception of the building than before. It is the power of scale. Something that has been integrated so well in our life that we take it as a natural phenomenon and does not really  take it as something that we, as human, really has control about.

But, what if design challenge it? What if design defy the common perception of scale and created something unusual? Seems interesting 🙂

DR3005_05_Encouragement Reading: Prototyping Takram

Prototyping Takram

The reading is: Tagawa, K., Watanabe, K., & Ogata, H. (2014). Pendulum of Design Innovation. Tokyo: LIXIL Shuppan.

In my opinion, I really agree on the points and importance on prototyping and how it will be able to help in future development. It mentioned that unproductive meeting occurs as discussion are based on abstract ideas and concepts. Indeed when we have prototyped, many more issue come to light hence meeting can be more productive and progress can be seen clearer.

It is something that I feel personally important as the step of prototyping itself will direct the direction of a project. And having to delay such important steps will hinder good progress no matter how good the abstract plan was.

I hope that our project will be able to reach this step soon hence we will be able to see what works and what’s not to be able to improve more on our design. 🙂

DR3005_04_Holiday Reading: Embodiment


The reading is Fukasawa, Naoto, and Jane Fulton Suri. Embodiment. Phaidon Press Limited, 2018.

Reading about embodiment, I do agree that design is not only about shape and form itself. It consist more than that what the eyes see and speaks to the hearts. It also make me realise that an artwork might actually not only consist of one single embodiment… There might be different embodiment throughout the different process, locations, lighting of which it is displayed. It might even changes over time and create an evolving embodiment of the design itself. Actually, maybe the embodiment of a design or artwork might never be constant forever (unless it never being moved and the environment never changes, maybe… But time does change…Well…. ).  A really eye-opening idea.

The topic is a really interesting topic that might not be understood by those who doesn’t really feel it. Not that I understand it the most but I believe it I do understand it more than some people. It happened sometime ago (I can’t remember) when I heard my friend’s comment on travelling artwork saying that the artwork would still be the same wherever it is while in my opinion it will be very different depending on the way the exhibition is held and curated. Well, it is indeed might not be the intention of the artist to have their artwork being displayed in various environment.

I hope more people will put effort to sense more of the embodiment of different things hence able to see things far beyond what the eyes actually see.