[W12IfD] i cannot visualise to save my life,

and thus, I’m using 3D models as a base again. I’d like to thank past me for having the foresight to teach myself this skill.

I also happen to find that free mockups are kind of… difficult.. to work with, because the sizing never turns out right (and the lag is atrocious), so I tried making models and unwrapping the textures myself. Also, this means I get more control over what shapes and sizes the labels are.

(Regardless, I may resort to free mockups eventually, where this is incredibly excessive.)

Based on recommendations by Lisa, I tried out using gold material, and glow effects. I’m leaning towards gold, though, where I’m too rusty (no pun intended) at drawing, so it’s too sketchy, impressionistic and painterly to be appropriate.

From here on out, what I’ll do is to 1) make an extensible background, 2) make the plants properly (see image directly below). Then the rest is just arranging the composition well, overlaying the metals and shadings, and adding any flavour text. Also, I need to deal with my 4th composition.

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