2D | Project 2 : Forrest Gump [Final]

This post marks the end of Project 2 – Forrest Gump!

Hallelujah, I’m so glad that it’s over judging by how much I struggled in trying  to interpret the quote and coming up with a composition that accurately represents my interpretation.

In this post, I’ll include the

  • Background information of the movie (quote)
  • Ideation
  • Process
  • Final design

for the individual quotes.

For most of my design compositions, I took the quote out of the movie context and illustrated it in the most literal manner. After trying out the different styles, I figured that this was style that suited me the most.

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2D | Project 1 : My Line is Emo [Final]

Final work:

Inserted in the above is my final work presented for critique. I will begin by explaining the concept behind my work, followed by the methodology.

Before I actually came up with the concept of the final product, I actually did experiment with various unique methods that can be found in my previous post:


Also, the artist that I referenced can be found in this post:


Before I begin, these are the 6 emotions that were presented in my work.

Primary Emotions
Interpreted Emotions
Love Longing
Joy Eagerness
Surprise Unpleasant Surprise
Anger Grouchiness/Annoyance/Grumpiness
Sadness Suffering
Fear Worry

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2D | Project 1 : Mark-Making Process

[Part 1]

Moving into the second week of Project 1 – My Line is Emo, we were given the chance to experiment the different techniques using materials that were brought from home.

Before that, we were given a snapshot of Modern Art for further knowledge and reference during the first half of the lesson.

Art Nouvea | French Pronunciation: aʁ nuvo

Essentially, Art Nouvea refers to ‘New Art’ in french. It is an ornamental style of art that flourished between 1890 and 1910 throughout Europe and the United States.

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