3D | Project 3 : Mnemosyne’s Scent [Fashion Accessory | Final]

This post marks the completion of Project 3 – Mnemosyne’s Scent. For our final piece, we were grouped in pairs where we were tasked to create a fashion accessory based on our planar designs and plastic sculpture that can be found in the below:

Planar Design
Jiayi https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/engj0007/3d-project-3-mnemosyne-scent-planar-design/
Daphne https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/daph0016/3d-playing-with-planes/
Plastic Sculpture
Jiayi https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/engj0007/3d-project-3-mnemosyne-scent-plastic-sculpture/
Daphne https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/daph0016/3d-project-3-scent-2d-planes-3d-planes/

Introducing my gorgeous partner & model, Daphne!

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2D | Project 2 : Forrest Gump [Final]

This post marks the end of Project 2 – Forrest Gump!

Hallelujah, I’m so glad that it’s over judging by how much I struggled in trying  to interpret the quote and coming up with a composition that accurately represents my interpretation.

In this post, I’ll include the

  • Background information of the movie (quote)
  • Ideation
  • Process
  • Final design

for the individual quotes.

For most of my design compositions, I took the quote out of the movie context and illustrated it in the most literal manner. After trying out the different styles, I figured that this was style that suited me the most.

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4D | Exercise : Clock Time

For this in-class exercise, we are supposed create a 30 seconds video that expresses clock time.

Clock time: 

Clock time, also known as measured time, is time quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events of intervals. Examples of such includes casting shadows, recurring sounds, live durational performances, etc.


Keeping it simple and relatable, I filmed a 30 seconds video of my classmates during lesson. Giving it a little twist, I filmed 3 different videos and edited it to allow the videos be placed side by side. So in a span of 30 seconds, we can see how everyone is absorbed in their own work.

You can watch the video in below:

Thank you!

4D | Project 2 : The Subverted Object

Kon’nichiwa! This post will be on our second project for Foundation 4D | Project 2: The Subverted Object.

In this project, we are given 3 different pictorial task to complete with the assigned object to us:

Task 1: Denotation  Where we photograph the object from various angles, capturing the object’s:

  • Physical attributes: shape, form, texture and material.
  • Practical function: context, environment and interaction
Task 2: Connotation  Where we subvert the object’s meaning through other elements and capture the object’s:

  • Cultural relevance and meaning
  • Celebrate or change or critique the object’s meaning.
Task 3: Text and Image Where we select an image from Task 1 or 2 and give a title to it.

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3D | Project 2 : Gaia’s Ikebana [Final]

This post marks the end of the second foundation 3D project – Gaia’s Ikebana.

This post will be written in the following sequence:

Pointer 1 Brief Overview of the Project:

  • Project Criteria
Pointer 2 Introduction to Ikebana:

  • Definition of Ikebana
  • Types of Ikebana
Pointer 3 Research on Summer: 

  • Definition of Summer
  • Colour Palette
  • Mood
  • Seasonal Food & Fruit
  • Plating
Pointer 4 Thought-Process:

  • Sketch-models
  • Inspiration & References
Pointer 5 Final Model:

  • Analysis of Final Model
  • Explanation of the execution

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