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Interactive II : Kamarulzaman & Cheong Su Hui : Fortune Taker

Fortune Taker

In this project, we set up a booth where we invite people to get their fortune read by a virtual fortune teller.

Little did they know that we are out to scare them and capture their reaction.

Conceptually, this project was originally out to capture photographs of people whenever they enter a room, in a form of paparazzi style photographs. This was to question the idea of privacy and we wanted to post those photographs on twitter. Fortune Taker was born after much discussion on how to make the project stronger.

fortunetaker (10 of 11)
We have the strobe light to light up the face of the participants and also add an element of surprise.

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The iSight camera was used to capture photographs and video of their reactions.

fortunetaker (8 of 11)fortunetaker (6 of 11)
The tea box sensor was used to activate the video when the participant lean back onto their chair.

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Headphones to help the participants to immersed themselves better.

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Two separate computers and patches were needed to make this project a successful one.

Below is the PDF File of our presentation.
Fortune Taker presentation

Above is the video of our overall process.

Done By: Cheong Su Hui & Kamarulzaman Bin Mohamed Sapiee

Interactive II – Phidget Assignment – ‘Spycam’

Introducing ‘Spycam’!
Always wanted to control your friend’s webcam position?!
With Spycam, you are able to spy your friend’s private space by invading his space that he doesn’t want you to see!

When one is chatting or skype-ing on video with another, the video is motionless and still. It would be interesting if both parties are able to control each other’s webcam camera as you can also explore the other side.

spycam (3 of 3)

Initially, my idea with the motor was to create an eye that follows one faces when one is moving through the Face Tracking device. Then I thought to myself, why not be a real eye. The closest thing one is able to see the other side is through the other person’s webcam. Hence, this idea was explored with the help of iSight and some tape!

spycam (2 of 3)


This add another layer as you question the moral action of this device whether one’s private space is really private when one is webcaming through the internet.

Attaching the Teabox’s gyroscope, the user is able to follow the motion from left to right, mimicking the motion of the iSight, controlling the iSight position.

Done by: Kamarul