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Sandrome Says Goodbye


As the semester comes to a close, we look back at the times when we discuss ideas, generate our ideas and finally our handwork became a reality.  Team Sandrome would like to thank everybody in our journey to the West.

It has been a journey worth remembering from the inception of Sandrome since this semester started. It was simply awesome and eventful specifically in Arizona.

I had a great time working with Ryan and seeing our performance became a reality.  Phoenix was amazing and I learnt a lot of life lesson that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t take this journey. It has been a pleasure and do keep in touch!



Await for Sandrome 2, coming very soon in NTU and the nearest theatres near YOU!!!! 🙂


We are left with a week before we fly off to Arizona!

So here’s a checklist that should be done by now( just feel like doing this for fun)

  • Plane tickets ready (printed)
  • VISA approved.
  • Travel Insurance
  • List of Equipments and materials to bring
  • Change currency to US Dollars. And keep Sing dollars in wallet just in case
  • Project work/materials completed.
  • Pack your suitcase! Bring your toiletries!
  • Pack your cameras and battery charged!
  • Submit your LOA form. (some might have classes on recess week)
  • Finish up all your other assignments. (which I have plenty)
  • Bring some sunscreen, sunglasses and hat.

I think there will be a list of more things to do or bring but I can’t think for now. So please, feel free to list more in the comments section! I can’t wait for this trip and I know you guys can’t too!

Here’s a link where you guys can check the weather over in Arizona.


Here is a video of our session we played last friday.


Look forward for the trip to Arizona!

Working Progress – Sandrome

*in progress*

As our project will be  a performance based, we currently doing some good progress on the visuals and the sound. As mention by Ryan on the previous post about our project, we aim to create a collaboration with the students of ASU through performance art.

Firstly, coming up with visuals, we have taken videos of the Grand Canyon on the web for our samples, chop it up a bit, do some programming using Max Msp and here are the results.

Video 1: This is one of our initial idea of juxtaposing Housing Blocks with the Canyon. It looks really beautiful right!


Video 2: Over here, we put two layers of different videos of the Grand Canyon and blend it together. Those noise visible in the videos reminds you of sand doesn’t it!

Video 3: We explore playing with different pattern as well which can help to make the video more interesting and abstract.

Tentatively, on our final visual, we plan to take our own videos of the natural landscape of Arizona when we are there, then process it on site, which make the video more meaningful and purposeful.

Now, for the sound. We have recorded sound of sand through different method of producing sound, for example, kicking sand, pouring of sand and etc. We then put it in Ableton Live to process the sound and add effects to amplify it, adding texture and reverb to create a repetitive and dramatic to it.

Video 4: This is an example of what we have produce.

As you can see, our project is still in progress, and we have come up with things that we want to improve on.

1. The consistent of the sound. We need a primary background sound.

2. Exploration of more different effects on visuals.

3. Rehearsing together to fit the sound and visual more coherently.

Thank you.


Signing off.


Inspiration – Graffiti Research Lab

396086084_7879d8ad16 graffiti_research_lab-laser_tag


What if we could draw on buildings?

Actually, we can! with a laser!

The guys from Graffiti Research Lab came up with the idea and they called it L.A.S.E.R Tag.

For my team’s idea, one of our option is to make something interactive as well. So I was wondering, what if we could draw on to the Grand Canyon.

The only problem now is where can we get a powerful projector and how do we power it.

Anyone have other ideas?


Inspiration – Jim Sanborn

Green-River Cainville bandonoregon Horse-Valley Kilkee-County-Claire Longsturn-County-Cork NotomUtah Rough-Rock

The body of work by washington DC-based artist jim sanborn is saturated with archeological, mathematical and scientific exploration through sculpture and photography. sanborn aims to highlight normally unseen aspects of existent concepts or objects  such as the coriolis effect, the earth’s magnetic field or cryptography. his work is especially appreciated by the world’s scientific community– the artist has created pieces for massachusetts institute of technology, the central intelligence agency, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration in addition to many art-specific spaces.

Sanborn, developed the ‘topographic projections and implied geometries’ series in the late 1990′s. each image was produced
by the use of a large format light projection system aimed at each earthen sculpture from a half mile away. the light projections,
orchestrated by sanborn, were powered by generator which was transported by the artist in order to continuously produce the
light shape for an extended period of time, then captured in the long exposure photographs.

in this way, sanborn is able to
seemingly superimpose mathematical
shapes onto the rock formations of the american south west and the
jagged coastline of ireland.