About dream is a photo essay portraying the dreams occurring in different levels of sleep, light sleep, deep sleep and REM (rapid eyes movement). Dream in light sleep seems to be a mixture of reality and fiction. In the first stage, I started losing my consciousness and became more tentative of surrounding things, like air-conditioning and fans. Then I morphed into a flying insect and exited my room, which marked the complete loss of consciousness. Dreams now turned to be more vague and hard to recall in deep sleep. Foreground and background appeared to emerge. In the last stage, vivid dreams occurred and were often memorable. In the video, I was put in a familiar, but bizarre place and trying to hide from the crowds. In the middle of escaping from the place, the exposure of myself awakened me to reality.

Methods of shooting

LENS-WHACKINGDetach the lens and use big aperture to create macro and title-shift lens effect.





IMG_3156Sequence Flow

IMG_3155Rough Storyboard