Project 2 b : Zine process

2A : Locale research can be found here.


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諸橋拓実の満漢全席展 紀念海報/設計:張溥輝 Peter Chang/海報印刷:O.OO

Front and back cover

page 1 + 2

Page 3 – 6


I was a little disappointed that I was not able to take risks or explore new areas when it comes to playing with the visuals and texts. But I also learnt that it is not always a good idea to want to try new things as when I tried to do that for the first few weeks, I ended up going around in circles with no cohesive plan in mind. It’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and work with your hands full to try your best to make the best out of it you can.

Of course, it doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to learn anything new. This project has been a series of new experiences for me, getting to know indesign, printing for the very first time, etc… I also dipped  my toes into the world of layouts, albeit I’m still not good at applying them on my own. I hope that I keep working on what I’ve learnt during this project in order to be able to venture into new areas more confidently. :,)