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Tomorrow is an Island

Thoughts Honestly entering the Tomorrow is an Island, exhibition, my first reaction was that I was unimpressed. Mainly because the works were very visually unimpressive and the layout of the gallery and its works do not entice me to to continue to look at the rest of the exhibition.   I think the visual design of the exhibition is very… Read more →

Singapore Biennale review

General Thoughts Taking a peak at the Singapore Biennale was definitely enlightening and provided some inspiration on how our own fyp exhibition could possibly be done. Of course some works that we saw worked better than others. What struck me the most was when our guide said that she was trying to weave a narrative through the different artworks exhibited.… Read more →

Reading Analysis 1

A Critique of Social Practice Art By: Ben Davis In this article, the author discusses about social practice art and criticizes it’s effectiveness and its classification as art, using the Project Row Houses as a case study.   “I was doing big, billboard-size paintings and cutout sculptures dealing with social issues…If I was an artist, he said, why didn’t I… Read more →

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