Interactive Device 2 Idea spam


  • To create an armlet (or a wrist band) that can be worn. Armlet will either be made of wood or acrylic
  • Use living hinge and laser cut techniques to make wood/acrylic bendable
  • Armlet will be able to communicate to the wearer through morse code.
  • Armlet will be a focus for the wearer’s anxiety.
  • When rubbed, the armlet will maybe tap, or squeeze or heat up? encouraging messages in morse
  • possible sensors to use ? Maybe flex sensors or pressure sensors. A pressure sensor is light and flexible. Hopefully it will give a different reading when rubbed????
  • For the tapping im not sure yet, but maybe a solenoid might work. Though a solenoid is kinda bulky and the tapping might be too strong. It might give a more anxiety inducing feeling rather than a calming one.
  • Some people suggested a piezo buzzer? But I remembered the sound coming from that being horrible


Why wood?

Wood is calming and it is a soft material that would be easy on the skin


To give people with social anxiety a focus and hopefully calm then down a little.

Leo Valdez From “Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. Story of how he communicates with his mom in a big workshop by tapping morse.


Reference and Mood board





Omate Ungaro

  • sends vibrations when certain texts and messages from key individuals are recieved.




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