You are What You Carry – Jan Chipchase

It was interesting to read Chipchases perspective of technology and networking today. He explains the topics about the three items, phone, money and keys he found everyone across many cultures, genders, age and economic strata carried in his Mobile __ talk.  It was interesting to read about his research on how different the ‘range of distribution’ is in different countries, for example how the lady from Shanghai never let her handbag stray from her touch compared to my observation of Singaporeans and their personal items in public. It was also difficult for me to understand the complex ‘strings of the networking yo-yo’ analogy. Chipchase also talks about how you can use more while owning less, this network is called ‘The Mesh’. Companys such as Zipcar shares cars to those who don’t need their own cars but occasionally need them and spaces such as the library allow you to borrow books without collecting them. In the future, we may be looking to carry fewer items and as designers, our goal is to “lighten consumers load and to help them be more efficient” (Chipchase, 123).

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