After the close encounter with The Rogues, the both of you rested for the rest of the night on the treetops, in case others attacked as well.

By morning, you two set off again, heading towards Myra, the capital of Uthad, where The Force’s headquarters was at. After hiking for hours, you realise the path you had intended to take to enter through the back door of the headquarters is blocked off by a rock slide, and hugh rocks were now obstructing your path. The ground and area were completely unstable, and the grappling hook or other tools could not be used in the situation because the rocks would tumble and it was life threatening. You could potentially fall off the cliff that is on the right of the rock slide.

However, you are not sure exactly which route you can take now.

There is a small city to the left, about 10 kilometres away, that deviates from your original path. Veggie proposes going to the village to ask for directions and find another road.

Do you attempt to cross the rock slide or go to the village?

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4 thoughts on “CLYRIA – CHAPTER 2”

  1. Sgt. Fabian got to a higher but stable ground to access the situation of the rock slide. He thinks he saw a steady path.

    Sgt. Fabian: We can’t afford to waste 10 hours on a detour, let’s just do this. Just follow my footsteps and don’t do anything stupid.

    1. Veggie thinks hard for awhile and decided against Sgt Fabian’s decision.

      Veggie: Negative, Sgt. Fabian. I will strongly propose to go with the detour instead. It’s not 10 hours, but 10 kilometres! If we managed to find a mobility transport along the way, we can potentially cut short the timing and only take a few more hours.

      I cannot afford to let my precious vegetables to have any potential harm knowing that the rocks might potentially crush them.

      1. Sgt. Fabian: Son, what do you know about walking long distances eh? Let’s just gooooooo

        Sgt. Fabian prefers to ignore Veggie’s suggestion. He starts walking towards the steady path he found.

  2. Just as Sgt. Fabian takes a couple steps towards the rock slide, a large rock falls inches from him, close to crushing his feet.

    Veggie looks on in horror as he watches his friend, and shouts,

    “Oh my God, Fabian!”

    “I’m okay!” Sgt. Fabian yells back, breathing heavily from his near death encounter. He carefully turns back, treading with extreme caution so as to not agitate the rocks any further.

    However, seconds later, more stones tumble down, and left without a choice, the two of you decide to head towards the village.

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