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Hi everyone! Just a quick update!

I’ve thought of creating a book titled ‘My Dark Side’ (or something like that, maybe I’ll change the name hahaha). I want it to incorporate things that are negative of myself, or people in general, such as my fears and dislikes.

Also, for this assignment, I have referenced certain artists or programmes and art forms that I was intrigued with as a child.

Tim Burton:

I’ve always enjoyed Tim Burton’s work, whether in its pure art form, or in films. I feel his characters have a certain captivating aspect and consistency. His works are extremely identifiable, and anyone who is familiar with his art would be able to point them out. I particularly like that he can add personality and bring his characters to life while keeping them illustrated in regular mediums and pen.

8a3f53eddb82213dd004f5b5843dd033 lionking tim-burton-sketch xmas

Happy Tree Friends:

Ok, firstly, I won’t put the explicit examples here that I looked at, because they are slightlyvery graphic and gory. But I’ve watched clips of this cartoon when I was growing up, and I like how everything looks so happy, with such vivid colours and children-friendly animal characters, but 30 seconds into the video, things take a violent turn. I found this particularly appealing, because it’s something that amalgamates a cute element with a sinister one, and it basically plays on the shock factor which I didn’t see coming the first time I watched it.

Happy-Tree-Friends hqdefault

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