Project #1: Artist reference + Emotions

“Mark making is a term used to describe the different lines, patterns, and textures we create ​in a piece of art. It applies to any art material on any surface, not only paint on canvas or pencil on paper.”

-by Marion Boddy-Evans, July 05, 2017


  • Yves Klein, 1960, anthropometry performance

    Smearing paint using the female body. Some of the paint marks evidently produce the female figure, while some are just long smears of paint. I admire how Klein has pushed the boundaries of the human body, where the models’ bodies were dipped in paint, pushed, dragged and rolled around. Here, the human body is no longer just a container for survival, but also a medium to create art.

  • Mona Hatoum, 1998, Untitled(Wheelchair)

I admire this work especially as the work revolves around irony. Two contrasting entities- A wheelchair and knives- are put together to become a unified body. The wheelchair signifies the idea of aid and life, while the knives connote the notion of death and violence. Taking this idea, I wish to make marks with items that have contrasting ideals with Ink. For example, soap and sponges, where they are regarded as cleaning mediums and tools. Ironically, in this project, they are used to make messy marks with black ink.

TA-DAAAH So here are the 6 emotions I would like to choose:

The state of undergoing immense pain, distress or hardship
Accumulated desire for someone or something
Strong disapproval aroused by something unpleasant. It's a strong repulsive emotion but one gets used to it- over time it just disappears/fades.
Viewing things in a positive/calm light
Unexpected and uncontrollable, sudden without warning
Growing anxiety, like countless little organisms accumulated over time



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