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Project 1 Task 3: Colour Exploration


For colours, Michael said that I should make the colours brighter instead of it being so dull. Thus I tried to change from the original nude skin colours and went ahead to explore the triadic colour scheme. The triadic colour scheme causes the colours to pop and made it more vibrant which fits my theme even more.

Here are some of the colour explorations from the previous design:


Project 1 Task 2: Translating and exploring Design

In class, we did some sketches. These are some of the sketches done in a class activity:

Visual Ideation:

Visual Metaphor Matrix:

After I brainstormed about what I wanted to portray for my 3 concepts again, I came to a conclusion to focus on:

  1. Spread Love and Care
  2. Fun and Happy
  3. Sense of protection/homely/safety

So this is the first concept, Spreading love and care:

Second concept, Fun and happy:

Third, Sense of protection and homely:

After gaining feedback from the class and Michael, I decided to drop the third concept (sense of protection) and just focus on the first two concepts.

Moving on, I translated my designs digitally online .

These are the few designs I came up with.

These were the final designs that I chose to present to the class:

With various feedbacks from my peers, I am inclined to create a better and final piece with the use of colours as well! I decided to focus on the paintbrush design. I decided to change the composition of my paintbrush. And meanwhile I came up with a new design (though it didn’t make the final cut)