Curating Self – hohohockey

Task 1 : Object and representation of self


The object I chose to use is my hockey stick. Hockey was the first ever sports CCA that I’ve joined in my life. The reason why I chose to join hockey was the fact that it was a unique sport unlike any other.


For this photo, I’ve covered my eye with my hockey stick. I look really tired and sad. The story behind this was that hockey, likewise any sports, it comes with risks. I was from Jurong Junior College and the incident happened during a friendly match between my school and Millennia Institute. Unfortunately for my friend, she lost her sight in one of her eyes due to the opponent hitting her in the eye with her stick. Adding on, due to this incident, JJC hockey was disbanded after my year and we did not participate in the A divisions. I was the last batch of hockey players from JJC. Thus, my hockey stick really meant a lot to me.

Moving on, I captured the sun flare when the sun was setting. This warm light reminds me of the times when we visited her in the hospital and donated to help her family out with the medical bills as she is not very well off.


Despite all these issues, I met some of my closest friends through this competitive sport and i tried to portray it through the warm lighting in this photo. Furthermore, I am smiling in this photo unlike the previous one. Hockey is a sport that I enjoy and can see myself playing more in the future. I will not let this incident stand in my way.




Other photos that I took :



I tried to play with the foreground, midground and background, but I feel that it is a little messy around the branches and I should have stood a little closer to the camera.


To me it is kind of a very normal sports photo, thus I did not pick this photo.


Notes :

I like to play with depth of field as seen from my photos. :^)


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