Candice Ng

I was looking through Candice’s work and it was interesting to see how she makes use of technology to illustrate her concepts.

I will attempt to answer this question.

How does Candice Ng’s work contribute to the ongoing public discussions about identity, in the context of Singapore and South-East Asia?

I think Candice tries to question identity by amalgamating two very different elements together. One is a material which has a long history, ceramic and another, the RFID  which had been discovered in 1935 . It was interesting to see how her work explores identity in this digital age. The fusion of the old and the new

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  1. Nice! I recently bought a couple of Estimotes – they’re little thingies that track iOS devices around in a space. I’m keen on testing them in an interactive audiovisual installation, perhaps it could be someone’s FYP 🙂

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