How do I begin.

It is very hard to catch the wind.

I used to see this person around in school and he was in my CCA.

I talked to him and had interaction with him.

There was once he was sleeping in the gym. The Freaking GYM haha, I mean who does that. It was great seeing him around school because he was such a fascinating figure…

But he never replies his text.

Does not have facebook or twitter.

I have no idea how to contact this person.

I don’t understand how people in the past kept in contact with each other without technology.  I just can not wrap my head around it…

For me,

Photography is my only way of remembering that he exists.

There was one time during CCA he had to use my camera to take pictures. That was the closest I ever got to him, to see what he takes and what he values.









It’s funny how people can come and go in our lives and they leave a mark sometimes.  How even though they are like wind, they can still leave an impact.


This is my only picture of him. How ironic



but how funny that years down the road, I still meet people who are like the wind and they still leave impacts in photographs…


The Collective Narrative


I think that this piece of performance art had suggested issues about power and the shift in the power from the artist to the audience and how these lines are blurred. In addition, the audience somehow also become the performer, changing result of the performance.

What particularly stuck out to me was the last guy in the video who took his time during his turn to cut off her top. I felt that it was distasteful and I was also upset about it. It also revealed the mindset of that person and it added an additional layer to the performance.

In addition, on the topic of exquisite corpse, I do agree that

“One of the best known examples would be the Surrealist game: exquisite corpse (exquisite cadaver), in which a group of artists would compose words or images collectively using pre-determined rules to construct a composited work that is the summation of each artist’s individual contribution.”- Randall Packer (2015). “Collective Narrative“.

I had the opportunity to make a video with the idea of exquisite corpse last year and it produces some very interesting results.


For this project, we asked people in NTU to help us contribute words for our story.They do not know the whole story, just the words before theirs.

How might the open source system of sharing and collective narrative be a creative inspiration and approach for artists?

It is definitely exciting to be living in the age of the internet, where we can make a bigger impact and also reach out to a bigger audience than we ever could.  I really love the idea of the open source being  a “mode of technological production that is collectively authored or manufactured and distributed without profit, or limited profit-sharing according to specific guidelines, such as those laid out by the Open Source Initiative” .

Personally I love the idea of sharing and it is amazing what people of the internet can do together. I think it’s great as a source of inspiration (and FUN!) for a lot of people.  I am currently learning Arduino now and I am SO THANKFUL that it is OPEN SOURCED!

This was something that we did with a code that was freely shared on the internet. I don’t think that I will be able to do this without open source.

Coding fun. Thanks @wind_style listen to the sound of awesomeness hahaha

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Then of course I do understand that there are copyright laws on the internet and that not everyone wants to share their work with one another in a way that is “open sourced” . But I am definitely glad that there are still people who see the benefits of open source and see how all of us are part of a bigger picture.