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Pitching of Projects Assignment 3 Part 1

Here are some of the projects that I would like to pitch:

  1. Brainwave wonderland

This project would be exploring on controlling things with the mind. The installation will consist of doing several tasks with just the power of our minds. We could light up a room of even create a light show with our brainwaves.

The budget that I might need is maybe around $5000 dollars to get the electronics and also the gadget that detects brainwaves.

I might need a team of 3,me plus a person who can do coding and a person who can do the electrical engineering to get the electronics wired up.

Pros of the project: Fun and innovative and tries to push the limits of how biology and science can work together.

Cons: Might be a bit difficult to do if there is not enough research done in this area.Might get a bit too expensive.

2. VR paradise

This project would be exploring on a theme park that is made physically but having the whole place also existing in VR. It a fantastical place that exists in real life but it requires the magic of VR to bring it to life.

I will need a lot of money. Definately more than 1 million dollars to create a theme park.

I would need to hire a group to do a feasibility study. A feasibility study will take into account potential sites, your park concept, the local market and tourist market, and industry trends and local competition in order to estimate costs, revenues, and how many first-year guests you can expect. This last number is hugely important, as the number of first-year guests expected will determine the amount you need to spend to build a park that can accommodate them. Estimate too low, and my park will be overcrowded. Estimate too high, and my park will fail due to inability to recoup construction costs.

Before going to potential investors, I will need an attractive mock-up of my park that both features the attractions and takes into account zoning, safety, and traffic flow. Therefore, I would need help from a design firm in designing the theme park as it requires a variety of specialized skills from drawing to understanding ride engineering and safety to managing traffic flow.

Pros of the project: Fun, innovative and it is the first of it’s kind.

Cons: Very expensive. Need very very thorough planning.