Team Lab Field Trip – Thoughts

I had known about TeamLab for quite some time during my research work into electronic generative art, since they are one of the bigger names, alongside artists like Refik Anadol.

TeamLab is a collection of interdisciplinary artists who utilise contemporary technology to navigate and comment on art,science, technology and the natural world. They explore a relationship between humans and nature, themselves and the world through art.

From my observations, Teamlab generally uses rather commonly found tech such as sensors or even the Xbox Kinect to detect motion, but it is in the way that they use it that I find intriguing and interesting. For instance, in the first piece, Trancending Boundaries, they utilize simple Kinect technology to track and make their digital world interactable by the public. This is such a simple application but so innovative, as you watch the mesmerising wind/water stream flow around you.

But of course, the most impressive piece is still the Crystal Universe. With clever combination of mirrors, LEDs and lights, they make a small room seem so expansive and beautiful, even though the tech they utilized was primitive at best.

TeamLab is truly an innovative team that shows us how we can make the most out of the little that we have.



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