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Chaotica Research and Documentation Part 1 + Experiment

I decided to experiment with Chaotica first, given that it was intended to be a straight up upgrade to Apophosis. First thing i noticed was the new Progressive Rendering engine that was implemented, which basically meant that Chaotica would constantly render my image at increasing sample levels until i set a cap, or stopped the render. This saves ALOT of time.   Next, since JWildfire does not… Read more →

Metamorphosis – Process

For my process, i played alot with the Xray theme in order to “reveal without revealing” the cocoon. Cocoon digitally edited to resemble Xray Butterfly Xray Cocoon + Butterfly effect   Larva Xray Larva within Egg The idea was to transit from life to death along the zine’s pages, following the life cycle of the butterfly. Starting from life, then… Read more →

Point Of View Process

Process   Using the fractal program Apophosis, i played around with different parameters, trying to create different patterns to use as the base for my flowers.   In Apohosis, you can make gradient maps out of existing images to use as colour, which i did in order to give more life to my patterns. I proceeded to apply the “cross”… Read more →

Typographic Portrait Process

Now that my stylistic research is done, i proceeded to look for inspiration from works themselves, different artists who manage to utilise typography in their works. From these inspirations, i can see a very acute use of space and iconography, some playing with positive and negative space, and more interestingly, with the concept of depth in a two dimensional work.… Read more →

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