2D Project 3 EGO

Initial ideas:

Ideas/ sketches of final layout:


Initial ide
Me: Rugby ball because i play rugby.
Setting: My parent’s arms whenever I go back home.
Me + Setting: My parents are so protective of me so much so that they pad me everywhere to prevent injuries.
Me: As you know, I have an alter Ego called Bernard. I envision him as an Old man with retro looking specs
Setting: Christmas, The Lord Jesus’ Birthday!
Me + Setting: I become the ultimate child when it comes to Christmas. I envision Bernard having the time of his life too, sipping hot chocolate with gingerbread snaps.
Me: My Resting Bit*h Face is my signature look, no one can take it away. Not even I can change it.
Setting: A ROMAN BATH HOUSE that I dream that I would go to one day.
Me + Setting: I am so at peace so much so that my RBF melts off
Me: I am as much of a boy as I am a girl. I am using my tomboy aspect.
Setting: A boy’s night out with beer etc.
Me + Setting: I think I can fit in as well as the other boys, I sip my water as if I am in one of maozedong’s┬ápropaganda posters.

From the Bottom up, below is the mood board that I created whilst finalising my final piece.

The following is my mood board that i made throughout my whole progress till the final stages:

colour-scheme-2d-3jpgREFLECTION TIMEZZZ:

What are the difficulties and take away from this project?

Difficulties: I had difficulties moving on from traditional media even though I had the choice to. I had problems getting out of my comfort zone as I did not have a general theme colour or subject matter for my series. I really wanted to use Photoshop to my advantage this time, therefore I experimented the different brush strokes and layers.

Take away: Colours are subjective as there can only be so many colours for every emotion. Therefore, for this project I found myself associating colours with my experience. Which would be what I would think of when making designs in the future as I would think about what would people associate with my designs. eg. I would not put a puke green colour on my design if I want to attract an audience.

Thanks Shirley for the great times. TO MORE GREAAT TIMES THAT AWAIT. G8 FORLYFE.

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