Homework due Week 2

By: Ina Conradi |

Due Monday 15th of August

  1. Please sign up for one of the Presentation¬†Topics on Google Doc. Each presentation is going to be done by two or three students- please discuss among yourself which ones you want to do ūüôā
  2. For Project 1: Research on techniques (Automatic drawing, Declacomania, Frottage Art, Fumage..etc) and artists. All reference is stored in Week 1 presentation on OSS class site.(the one we covered in class). Or you can use any desired reference from Pinterest, online resources and or library art books on expressive line making.
  3. Create your own mark making drawing tool. Please reference Mark making drawing tools resources from Pinterest. (Suggested search under experimental, line, making). Try it out- it might fall apart!


  1. Choose one or few artists and try to emulate their style for your lines. Sketch your lines on A3 template (the one given in class) or in your visual journal. Document the process by photo or bring actual sketches in your visual journal; your visual journal can be drawing pad or loose sheet of papers that you will bind by the end of the project.
  2. If easier for you to think about themes for your emotion study lines.

Bring to class

  1. Bring loose threads and scraps, leafs, thin sticks.. soft textures for monoprint
  2. Your process documented in visual Journal
  3. Feel free to email me if any questions

Examples of home-made mark making tools


Homemade mark making tools Saved from theshinysquirrel.tumblr.com Pinterest



Beautiful Media Exploration, Saved from erinlouise.com  For more please visit Pinterest

Research on Artists

This is example from last year student’s work:¬†https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ummi0001/category/2015-dn1002-g6/lines/lines-artist-research/

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