Week 11 going 12

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

What an exciting follow up with your works. I am thinking just thinking to include your final 3rd project on the media wall as well…as all of your concepts are so witty and creative. Not to mention colorful! Let’s see how we do on this one next week. It is great to get to know your skills both technical and conceptual. Looking back at 10 years of teaching i can not help to admire the advantage of being able to gather resources online. Pinterest etc.

I am happy to see our presentations piling up as  huge archive for next generations. Our last presentation by Bao and Jane will be on color illusions.

Next week we will share folder with videos on color for your own use. The videos would be best for viewing with nice cup of hot cocoa during a long winter night..as each film is about 40 minutes  – illustrating all of the concepts of color through the history of art painting.

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