Week 10 Update

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

Thank you all for posting on your process and final works!!!

Suggestion: We are so used to aesthetics of Instagram filters when taking photos by phone. It is a challenge to document works from the critique in the dark corridor on the 2nd floor. When posting the photos from the critique and how the prints looked on display in the corridor- consider editing them into the grayscale mode to avoid yellow tint from the light in the space.

In regards to the  Ego Project – submission will be in week 14, November 14th Monday.


Next week please bring to class:

  • your proposed ideas for setting (thumbnail sketches)
  • Method and technique you are considering: analog hand -made or digital?
  • Style: are you referencing any art movement, artist, techniques? Any resources from Pinterest on possible look or feel? Please consider creating a mood board or . pinboard. It is not a must but would be helpful
  • if you are lost what to do- do you have any old works that you are proud of? Please share them with me next week…Maybe you are best in papercuts, origami, or Chinese ink drawing.. we can see how to bring your unique strengths to this last project.
  • Please do not hesitate to email me if any questions

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