Love for 2D FDN Art on Campus! Media Wall Nexus

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

I have received close to 700 images from FDN for project 2: ) from all of the 2D teachers to upload onto the Media wall at the North Spine!
Testing on the media wall is in the progress starting today for G1 -following all of the groups in coming days..  I hope from Monday next week we will have all nine groups playing – one student at the time. To make it consistent we will have only 4 images per student.
I Will try to have some help from 2D faculty to design poster and hope all goes well- we blast next week.

I am in love with all of the images and so very very proud of all of the 2D!
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Please support ART on campus – as we have to show what we do in school!




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