pirate broadcast

I’m trying to combine various methods of capturing footage and put them together in this pirate/unedited fashion.

  • screen recordings
  • filming with my iphone
  • using cheap special effects

I haven’t been out of the house in the past five days because I’ve been caught up with making some work, so I don’t have a very exciting story I can tell. So everyday I filmed a few minutes of ‘pirate’ footage of something that I’m doing. I try to do it from an outsider point of view, like what would somebody think of this girl who haven’t left her home in a few days, all cooped up in this room? How would somebody snoop around my working area, and what happens if somebody turned my screen recording on without me knowing? It’s nothing very Cloverfield though. But I can possibly expand on this. I haven’t tried putting my camera in anywhere that’s dangerous or particularly sneaky.