SEE Explorer by Bao and Fabian




We started this project with the idea that we could use paper to create a sturdy structure for the project. After making this paper structure, we realise that it just falls apart without us even touching it. Mainly because the white glue that we are using has already soften the structure entirely.

We made this two triangle out of paper without using white glue. This allowed us to create a guiding structure for where and how our mirrors are placed.

Since we failed to make a structure out of paper, we decided to use the bamboo poles from IM room to make a sturdy structure. We went to a huge hardware shop in pioneer to buy a bunch of wires to tie these bamboo poles together.

The total ‘wire knobs’ we need to tie over 20 knobs which is extremely time consuming.

It look us more than 5 hours to assemble the whole structure.


We use 2 pieces of mirror to make this huge periscope. These two pieces are different size because of the distance between the mirrors.

We added two pipe structures as handle for extension of the human hand.


We realised that the bubble wrap created an interesting distortion of the surroundings which in turn drew focus to the mirrors. It also brought more light into the view which made looking into it more pleasant than if we’d used the opaque wrapping paper to cover-off the outside.

In Action

This is a short gif to showcase how our device works. The rule is to pick up a small paper ball and place it onto a chair. The user can only look into the device.

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