DR2008_10-13_Final Project Preparation (Part 1: Ideation)

Initial Mapping

Initially, the project began with two different zones (North and South) from my group’s previous mapping exercise. With the two different zones, it is then implied that there will be two routes for the tour. In addition, it was for secondary school students who are visiting NTU.

NTU ADM Mapping Project

Concept Ideation

After thinking through more of the idea, I wanted to explore on other target audience and repurpose the tour. I came up with two ideas:

  1. A tour for ADM freshmen that will be held during ADM orientation
  2. A tour for anyone to find a random buddy to explore the artworks (the concept of Tinder)

Both will be given incentives if completed the by the participants. There is also idea for them be participatory and leave their marks (photo, comment, sharing, etc) online after the tour completion. The main difference is the number of participants (big group vs smaller group) and the purpose of the tour.

After further sharing and discussion with Kristy, I decided to go with the first option.


Some feedback that she has given asked me to explore more on these:

  1. Is there any greater purpose for the participants? Like what can they gain by joining the tour (other than the knowledge that they actually can read online)
  2. What makes the tour different than just following a map?
  3. A better map is printed or digital?
  4. As the group size will be big, will they use tablet or phone? How many device will be needed?
  5. Find other activities with the artwork, not only Q&A
  6. How will the two group interact with each other and what’s the intention of splitting them? i.e. competition

As a follow up, I am to proceed with this:

  1. Research on each artworks
    1. find relations
    2. pair/group artwork
    3. create narrative
  2. create experience plan
  3. create prototype
  4. finding a greater purpose of the tour such as to introduce ADM students to technology and possible artworks

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