What The Singlish ??!1?

To begin with, I felt like the use of typography and collaged images in Dadaism was the perfect style to convey this piece.  I was inspired by Theo van Doesburg and Kurt Schwitters, Kleine Dada Soirée as shown in class. I love how the mess of overlapping typography can be kept in minimal by the choice of colors. It is not as overpowering for the eyes to see but to adore.


Being a Third Culture Kid has definitely colored my identity into where I belong. Although I’ve lived in Singapore for quite some time, I’ve never fully immersed myself into the true local culture.  Singapore is a culture filled with diversity. In a diverse city, there are multiple languages and dialects being used around. Thus, this leads to my perspective on Singapore’s own society language called “Singlish”. It is an unavoidable language in this country. As a foreigner to this language, I had to slowly pick up terms, phrases and their definitions in my first year of university. Coming from an international school, I have never really paid attention to it and felt like they are words being thrown around in the community. It felt like an informal language that give Singaporeans a sense of bond, comfort and belonging.

This piece shows my perspective on Singlish and how it is not taught to you but more of a self-learn where you can get buried under between Singaporeans. I’ve used a typeface that comes out to me as an informal- formal to reflect how I see the language, with a big grey question mark pushed to the corner. Duct-taped over my mouth and buried under this interesting culture.

PS. I am still to learn more of these interesting phrases.


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Lux Lip Crème- Dark Rose

Author: Daphne Ngatimin

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