To be honest I was a little disappointed after my visit last week because nothing in Pasir Ris park actually caught my attention. On my way back to Boon Lay I was wondering why did I travel all the way to the east? In fact, why people travel all the way to east? For food? Visit? Airport? Chalet? for me I think I only visited east side twice a year. For chalet:)

During consultation, I was given the suggestion to fit characters (People that travel to the east) into Chinese legends story character. Example : 八仙过海 (Eight immortals cross the sea) or 西游记 (Journey to the west). Googling online I found out that Changi Prison was nearly. And also Hao Ran and Gerald told me that the army boys actually meet up at Pasir Ris interchange when they have to book in to tekong.

I decided to go with 西游记 (Journey to the west) since it is more well-known and create an infographic for west-sider! Actually for anybody that want to know what there is in the east and what to prepare when heading towards the east. A very localized infographic with familiar terms like:

” Pasir Ris Chalet ”
” Changi Chalet ”
” Orh, downtown east uh. “

I went on to look for some visual inspiration:

Then I spotted the Traditional Chinese Calendar at home. I’ve never ever taken time to read what is written on the chinese calendar and never understand why my dad love it so much:) But OMG! it actually contains ALOT of information and as Singapore there is no way you would not recognized this!

Adding on, I also look into the most common Chinese type font use throughout in Chinese related graphic works and Web:) You can check them out here:


As well as Singapore Singlish and good food in the East:)


And so I came out with: 东游记

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