4D-(Assignment 1) Picture Story-Curating Self (Task 2)



The place I choose is my grandmother’s (mother side) place, I was basically brought up by my grandmother because my parents are busy. This place not only contain my childhood memories but also a place where i share memories with my grandmother. The market,playground and park are side by side and is basically where i spend my every at. Those are days where we have no responsibility, no electronic devices, no close doors in the corridors, noisy sound of auntie chit chatting and we get sad just because your friends sunny side up is crispier than yours.

Through my lens, I want to bring you through my life when i was young, these photos are all taken at the perspective and eye-level of what I see when i was young. What i do at a certain time, and how my day passes.

As I walk pass these places, memories starts to bounce back. Each photo tells a story, a happy one because of all the funny memories, a sad one because some auntie and uncle aren’t around anymore.



When i was young, everyday after dinner my grandmother or my grandfather would take me with them down to the park while they start their daily night chatting session with the other grandparents. All of the children would dash to our heaven-the playground. We play game like hide and seek, mad cow diseases. Mad cow diseases is the game where you get infected once the catcher catches you and then you and the catcher would spread the diseases to others by catching them. SO FUN! One of my favorite hiding spot would be under the playground. This photo shows what I see when I hide underneath the playground. Actually it’s a pretty or probably the worse hiding spot. No wonder i always end up being the catcher at the second round.


This is a view from the top on the playground looking down at the spiral ladder. This is my biggest fear of all when I was child, don’t ask my why i don’t know, but I am just super scare of going down the spiral ladder. I have no problem climbing up the ladder infact when I up, I feel like i’m at the top of the world or I instantly grow up 50cm, but when I look down i’m only two step above the ground. So this perspective shows you the view of my biggest fear in my childhood. And i focus and blur out the image so the focus would be drawn towards the middle and by taking from this view it’s shows a depth as the spiral became smaller and smaller further away form us.



This is my view when I sit on the floor and waited for my chance to play the swing. When you’re young the longest queue in your life is not of some famous Michelin store, or milk tea, or some limited MacDonald toy or even 8 million ToTo prize money. The longest queue is just a simple queue for the chance to play the swing. The swing in the playground have this policy, the older ones usually get the change to play first or the upper primary one, the younger you are the longer you have to queue especially if you’re a girl. In the eyes of our grandparents, they always think hmmm… the olders one let the younger one play but actually they doesn’t know how long we’ve queue for this chance. So i remember this view clearly because I always sit on the ground for about an hour just to get my chance.




The next day morning, especially during the weekends. Children always wake up super early like 6 7 in the morning. Pretty stupid now I think about it. Even early in the morning we children would have tonnes of energy to play. So before heading to the market with my grandmother, I would be allowed to play hide and seek at the park beside the market. At first glace of this photo you might not know what this is, but this is actually a view of me hiding behind a void deck pillar looking through the cut out hole design on the pillar. I always hide behind this pillar and peak through the hole to see where the catcher is. This is my favorite photo in the series because it best convey my feeling and I believe people around our age would be able to relate this photo.



When I was young, this auntie is like the goddess of mercy 觀音菩薩 to me. she have all the snacks that we love as a child. From biscuit to bread, to what we call the pong piah or sor da piah. She have basically everything, when she gave me some snacks for free, i’ll worship her even more. She is so cute that when I ask if I can take a photo of her, she smile and say she must pose nice nice ( sui sui) for me. SO CUTE!


Last photo, is the vegetable store I got abandoned. Whenever my grandmother reach the market she would always have her daily chit-chat session with the auntie in the market. And these chit chat session usually last for hours, during these hours I would be let freely to loiter around the market, the thing about knowing the people in the market is that they would help you look after your kid, you don’t have to worry them getting lost unless you abandoned them. And yes, my grandma did, after her chit chat session she always forget about me. And I would run back to this vegetable store and ask the auntie where my grandmother is. The funny thing is she’s always in shock ” 你阿嘛又忘记你啊?!” direct translate mean ” your grandma forget about you again ah?!” I don’t understand why is she so shock because it happen quite frequently. Then i would wait there until my grandma remembers me and pick me up, but that’s when she’s almost done with her groceries shopping.

Teacher Ru Yi Suggestion: She suggest that in this photo i could probably take a photo with the more visible, probably more centralized and focus.


Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment. To be honest if it’s not this assignment I would not have visit this place again, and not realized how much I actually misses this place and my childhood. And how much i should treasure what’s left, even though many are not there anymore.


Instead of Rejected these are some more photos of my view as a child and would like to share:)

IMG_1541 IMG_1545 IMG_1552 IMG_1562 IMG_1567 IMG_1573 IMG_1574 IMG_1575 IMG_1581

4D-(Assignment 1) Picture Story-Curating Self (Task 1)


I really love the class sharing session we had today, I realized through today lesson i get to know my classmates better and some or the personal story they have. Some of them are really touching. Most importantly, we are almost around the same age, every presentation seems like a very relatable sharing session. it touches us deeply, and realized deep down everyone seem to have a common and similar story.

Introducing My Significant Object,

My ball, haha. Sorry.

Ok I know I very Bo Liao,



Actually this close up shot is to shows the detail on the ball, the fading color of the fabric  and dirtiness of the ball convey how this is an old object I’ve kept with a lot story behind it.



To me, this plush toy ball holds a very significant meaning behind it. Being the first baby in the family (mother side) my mom friend actually got me a set consists of a mattress, a bolster, a pillow and this little ball came with it. It has then being kept at my father’s side grandma house after i grew up.Ever since then, when there is a newborn in the family, my grandmother(father side) would take out this set, wash it and let the baby use, and when the baby grow up it would be kept back into her wardrobe till there is a new baby in the family. This routine goes on for years and now all my cousins and i have grew up. A few years back my grandmother pass away from then on the routine has stop and my auntie suggest that why not i bring back this set and this little ball ball became an important object to me.


In this photo I want to capture the proportion of me and the little ball. To symbolized how much i have grown, this ball use to be very big when i hold them with my small hands.

Suggestion from classmates and teacher Ru Yi: The back ground can be alittle bit tone down to allow the ball to stand out more. The staircase handle create a natural divider between the ball and I.


This little ball have been used by my cousins. So we actually recognized this ball when ever we see it and this photo shows the feeling i have whenever i play with it. Whenever i start throwing it at home with my sister, the fun and laughter comes out sincerly and that is what i want to express through this photo.

P.S. i think my sister fingers accidentally swipe the lens of the phone creating this off color tone.



In this photo I want to express the story of us grown up moving forward into our future. I place the ball on my shoulders and look out symbolized the idea of carrying those childhood memories and inner child we have as we grow up day by day. The dark background shows the idea of our pass and the brighter outside shows the idea of our future. The ball place on my shoulder also creates a contrast with the dark background. It makes the color of the ball stands out more showing that in my pass this little ball holds a important meaning, in all the memories i have when i was young, the meaning with the object is special compare to the rest.



Lastly, I hold the ball gently in my hands to show how important and precious this object is to me. It also symbolized how the olders one in my family holding us in their palm taking care and protecting the younger ones in the family.


  1. It doesn’t shows out the real happiness i have when i’m playing with the object
  2. I wanted to put it on my leg to shows the proportion of the ball and I, But i realized you would look at the item in a whole instead of comparing them individually.
  3. I actually pretty like this photo it does shows the emotion of me putting down the pass, growing up and into the future. But i feel despite myself being blur the rest of the buildings behind are also blur and it kind of look a little distracting.

20160828_151253 20160828_15183220160828_142311




4D-(Class) Movie Poster: H.E.L.L.O

As practice, we were ask to introduce our-self by making a poster.  来咯!

Compressed oss

Tittle : H.E.L.L.O

Genre: Family / Documentary

Story: Mic test, mic test, ahem, hem hem ahem okok.

Growing up living with my grandmother (due to my parents work and distance to school) I do not have much family time with my parents. When you’re like 4 to 7 years old, it is not easy to just flag a taxi or board a bus to meet my parents. so I only got to see them during weekends.

Well it its not that sad, i mean i do enjoy my life at grandma house, having fun in void decks, playing at playground and PASAR MALAM (heaven~).

But i guess I do envy friends who see their parents everyday. Now grown up, i really treasure quality time with my family, or you can say that I am a very family orientated person. I always tried to spend as much time as possible with my family, even just simple meals.


Only during weekends the corridor of my house would be filled with shoes from my family members. It is a scene that I would love to come home to everyday. I decided to create a more brighter and colorful background tone in contrast with the darker photo of myself because it not only creates a certain depth instead of a flat image, but it also convey that at times when I am down and I want to be alone, the colorful background symbolize the warm my family gives me and constantly remind me that i haven them to turn to. Just like the family silhouette in my head symbolize me constantly thinking about them.

3D-(Assignment 2) “Animal, animal”

After the treasure hunting last week, these are some items i purchase. Honestly, I am pretty curious about the function for some items sold there!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.55.41 PM

In class today, we were suppose to create and craft out an living organism out of these materials. You probably thought it’s pretty easy but it’s not!

After reviewing my initial ideas with Mr Peter, I decided to scrape off my initial animal design, Bye monkey…:(

After staring at the items for don’t know how long

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.55.41 PM
realize that this two parts actually resemble crab pincers
And this part resemble the body and eyes of a crab








Hence, after cutting, gluing and combining them, I GOT A CRAB!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.49.29 PM
P.S Don’t judge me, we went around looking for this Instagram worthy wall haha!


WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.50.41 PM

Overall, the lesson was fun and it teaches me to look at things at different perspective and not restrict our self to the imagination we had in mind. It was pretty hard doing this project, we had to view our items in different perspective but sometimes the animal just doesn’t come out, even if it did it’s hard to convince people what animal your item resemble.

Anyway, I have some materials left and I’m going to see if i can create a few more animal!:)


And so i went back home and ask my dad if he have unwanted tools or pieces from his tool box and he gave me this:

A box full of material he wanted to throw away

After digging and and exploring i came out with two more animal! yes!

A Hedgehog! the feets and nose came in a packet inside the scrap box and the body is actually the left over scrub i used for my 2D mono-printing assignment.

IMG_1656 hedgehog-468228_960_720

A Scorpion!, at first i was worry that i uses too many parts, but then i realized i actually uses four parts and repeat using them.

For example, the metasoma (tail) is actually the same material use for the hedgehog nose i just repeatedly glued (with glue gun) a few of them together and form the curve tail. As for the pincher and stinger i use the feet use for the hedgehog, bend it and glue it. The body is then made up of a whole pieces, it’s a cable connected according to my dad.









I had a fun time exploring these materials and feel so “enlightened” haha whenever i discover a new animal or a creature. Materials that you first pick up and thought “nah,” might be the key parts to make your animal more realistic.  Overall, this task allows me to look things in all perspective, when you happen to turn to the correct angle it would just snap you “ahhh~~ this looks like the…”. SO FUN.

3D-(Assignment 2) “Treasure Hunting”

Last Week ( Week 2) we had to visit Kelantan thieves’ market to purchase some parts needed for our assignment 2. When we reach there we were told that the market only open at 1 plus in the afternoon. NO! honestly it was quite disappointing as I’ve never been to a thieves’ market before. In the end we had to look for our materials at the shop opposite the thieves’ market.

Here’s the shop:)

IMG_1011-min IMG_1008-min