2D-(Assignment 2) Forest Gump- Work Progress (1)

Journey Week 1 -Selecting Move Quotes


Journey Week 2 -Individual Consultation

On week 2 of our project was our individual consultation, at this point of time, to be honest I was rather stuck and lost about the composition and how to link these quotes to the project. So after individual consultation with Joy I told her that the reason  I love  one of the quote is because it reflects my relationship with my mother and how my words always hurt her when we fight or quarrel. And joy gave me the idea that I could produce my composition based on the relationship I have with my family members:) and so Ok, Decided liao!:)

Quotes Selected:

  1. The deepest wounds aren’t the ones we get from other people hurting us,
    They are the wound we give ourselves when we hurt other peopleEdward Scissorhand, 1990
  2. Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can’t remember-Spirited Away,2001
  3. You cut yourself off from all sorts of experiences because you tell yourself you are
    ‘not that sort of person”, But, I’m not. How do you know? You’ve done nothing, been nowhere.
    How do you have the faintest idea what kind of person you are?-Me Before You, JoJo Moyes, 2016
  4. But if there’s love, dear…. those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever.
    All my love to you, poppet, you’re going to be alright…bye bye.-Mrs Doubtfire, 1993

Journey Week 3 -Recess Week

On Week 4 we would be having our silk screening session and so many of us uses our recess week to craft out our composition for the  silk screening session next week.

So I choose the quote :

“The deepest wounds aren’t the ones we get from other people hurting us,
They are the wound we give ourselves when we hurt other people”

-Edward Scissorhand, 1990

cos got the most “feel” haha

anyway, to me this quotes reflects to the relationship I have with my mom. Growing up I believe everyone been through many quarrels with their family members. If you say no, I don’t believe. haha,.. Anyway yes, I’ve quarrel with my mom countless time, when we quarrel, I always felt im the one being blame, being misunderstood and hurt by her and that I’m always wrong, But when I calm down, I always feel really sorry and guilty for the words I’ve said to her. Regretting each and every words I’ve said to hurt her. And this is where this composition comes about,

compo1a4The one on the left in white shirt is me and the one one the right with apron is my mother. The machine gun in the middle refers to the way I perceive her everytime we quarrel. I always thought of her as “机关枪” literally means machine gun, words just shoot shoot shoot out of her mouth nonstop. And the knife symbolizes the wounds I am gonna get when I quarrel with her. Like instead of her hurting me when we quarrel but it hurts more when I quarrel with her. The brain behind my mom actually means my mind, what am I thinking inside. Like on the inside I think of her as a machine gun. To be honest, I myself also does not like this concept very much as i felt it doesn’t really shows the message and meaning I was trying to convey. The whole composition looks pretty misleading. Honestly, I didn’t like it. 

The technical aspect of it: Since the transparency was going to be for our silk screening lesson. I didn’t really bitmap it nicely and consistent, instead, I varies the bitmap size to test out the results I would get with different dot size. 

Journey Week 4 -Individual Consultation, Silk Screening Session

I was given alot of feedbacks during group consultation and I REALLY APPRECIATE them!:) I receive comments that the composition have alot of meaning and story behind it but when looking at it, it doesn’t show. And also that the brain seems awkward and extra:) Mouth seems more happy than quarreling, Basically I can consider re-adjusting the whole composition:) SO Grateful for these comments it help me to know what other people interpret from the composition since I myself know the story and meaning already:) THANK YOU GIRLS!:)

After our recess week was our first silk screening session, and was my official first silk screening session in my life. I didn’t really manage to take much picture because the dark room is very sensitive to light and the washing room was wayyyyyy to dark. So all I have was:


As you can see the bitmap for the knife was way too small so only the outline could be seen. But for me I think it’s alright as we can still recognized it as a knife. Both the mouth turn out pretty well, except the fact that I went twice and it was way too thick and it kind of smudged the ink a little, the bitmap dots were no where visible on the machine gun, however the overall shape of the machine gun were printed out with that I am pretty satisfied already. The only weird thing to me would be the brain. It seems too out of place and extra to be place there and also the bitmap being so huge and different. But anyway i purposely set the bitmap size to be so huge so i could see the effect and I guess after this class I got the rough idea of how the bitmap work and how to set my bitmap sizes:) 

Before our group consultation and silk screening, we were given some time to think about our work and composition. I was looking at the quote from the movie Mrs Doubtfire”:

“But if there’s love, dear…. those are the ties that bind, and you’ll have a family in your heart, forever.
All my love to you, poppet, you’re going to be alright…bye bye.”

-Mrs Doubtfire, 1993

and I was thinking what thing actually binds my family together? I realized is these old chinese movies. Only on occasion when the tv give free channels and these movies air we would all put all electronic devices aside and just sit together as a family, have a laugh and watches these movies one after next. And this became my inspiration for quote number 2:)


Journey Week 5 -Silk Screening of Tote Bag

On week 5, Many of us spend our class time crafting out our new screen and tote bag. I felt like its four hours of washing washing washing and washing hahahahaha… But I enjoy the process:) I was really really worried the screen doesn’t turn out well as we are running out of time and only had one tote bag each. But with the help of Dawin and JiaZhen  I AM SOOO SOOO GRATEFUL FOR THEM. they taught me how to correct take out the screen so I only tried once on paper and Jia Zhen was like just straight go tote bag, ok one, JUST DO IT!! And so…..



Next Week critique! Xiao Scary, No Actually very scary:(



4D-(Assignment 2) Sequencing Image With Text “Mother Knows Best”



Whether papa can cook without the main ingredient- CRAB

Published Year: 2016/October

Title: Mother Knows Best

Location: Singapore HDB/ Sheng Shiong Supermarket

Genre: Drama/ Comedy/ Family


A true story based on the head of family trying to prove his ability to cook however, a problem occurs to the main ingredient he works so hard for.


Family always despises Mr Ng for not being able to cook and doesn’t do anything at home. The constant nagging got him fed-up as well as upset and disappointed in himself. While all these negative emotions start pouring in, he overheard the programme on television introducing Singapore’s famous dish-Chilli Crab. Instantly, he decided to prove everyone wrong, he called up both he’s parents for dinner. Determined to show off his cooking skill with Singapore’s famous Chilli Crab. Not he’s usual self that day, Mr Ng went for groceries shopping buying all the ingredients and patiently selecting spices that he is so unfamiliar with. Before cash out he went to choose he’s most important ingredients for the Dish-Crab. Satisfied with his purchased, he happily carried all the ingredients home. Once home, as usual he places the live crab in a low bucket and place the bucket in the balcony. Similar to what Mrs Ng usually does, Mr Ng innocently thought that putting the crab on the balcony is to not dirty the kitchen, but because everything is first to him, and him being not an attentive person. He forgot to close the balcony low window.

Mr Ng started chopping the onions, washing the chilli, grinding the chilli paste he invented. Satisfied with his preparation, it’s time to bring out the main lead-Mrs Crab. With he’s mood up, heading towards the balcony. Before even reaching it, he saw the final moment and last sight of Mrs Crab. Mrs Crab thought she was heading for freedom, eventually she fell out of the balcony low window falling to its death.

Shock and speechless with the sight and the thought that he loses his main ingredient for he’s cooking show tonight, he stood there dazed for a second. Which he then rushes to the fridge to look for alternative ingredients, but was welcome with a nearly empty freezer. With very minute passes the meeting time gets nearer and nearer before his parents arrived. Supposedly a day for him to show off his cooking skills and prove everyone wrong left him with a heart filled with panic. Panicking, a sudden angelic ray shine through the side.

Putting his pride down, he walks towards that angel with 50 dollars in hand. Begging for rescue. Mrs Ng replied with a smirked.







The whole idea I want to create would be a simple story with comedic effect. While brainstorming, I recall this incident that happen to my dad before and instantly I decided to use it.

Initially the idea of my story ends at the moment when the crab fall out the window. But upon sharing it with my friends and teacher Ru Yi, the response I get are pretty dull. Therefore teacher Ru Yi suggested that think about the 3 act structure and I could use the falling off scene as my climax and have a resolution to end the story.

Comments I receive from critic day:

Classmate: The kwangsoo theme became a form of signifier. The moment you hear the song everybody recognized it.

Classmate: The uses of kwangsoo theme is a good use because it doesn’t need words to express the emotions and story

Teacher Ru Yi: This is an story filled with alot of emotions of the main character, so probably including some images of the character expression can be a benefit.


3D-(Assignment 2) “Animal, animal”

After the treasure hunting last week, these are some items i purchase. Honestly, I am pretty curious about the function for some items sold there!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.55.41 PM

In class today, we were suppose to create and craft out an living organism out of these materials. You probably thought it’s pretty easy but it’s not!

After reviewing my initial ideas with Mr Peter, I decided to scrape off my initial animal design, Bye monkey…:(

After staring at the items for don’t know how long

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.55.41 PM
realize that this two parts actually resemble crab pincers
And this part resemble the body and eyes of a crab








Hence, after cutting, gluing and combining them, I GOT A CRAB!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.49.29 PM
P.S Don’t judge me, we went around looking for this Instagram worthy wall haha!


WhatsApp Image 2016-08-25 at 7.50.41 PM

Overall, the lesson was fun and it teaches me to look at things at different perspective and not restrict our self to the imagination we had in mind. It was pretty hard doing this project, we had to view our items in different perspective but sometimes the animal just doesn’t come out, even if it did it’s hard to convince people what animal your item resemble.

Anyway, I have some materials left and I’m going to see if i can create a few more animal!:)


And so i went back home and ask my dad if he have unwanted tools or pieces from his tool box and he gave me this:

A box full of material he wanted to throw away

After digging and and exploring i came out with two more animal! yes!

A Hedgehog! the feets and nose came in a packet inside the scrap box and the body is actually the left over scrub i used for my 2D mono-printing assignment.

IMG_1656 hedgehog-468228_960_720

A Scorpion!, at first i was worry that i uses too many parts, but then i realized i actually uses four parts and repeat using them.

For example, the metasoma (tail) is actually the same material use for the hedgehog nose i just repeatedly glued (with glue gun) a few of them together and form the curve tail. As for the pincher and stinger i use the feet use for the hedgehog, bend it and glue it. The body is then made up of a whole pieces, it’s a cable connected according to my dad.









I had a fun time exploring these materials and feel so “enlightened” haha whenever i discover a new animal or a creature. Materials that you first pick up and thought “nah,” might be the key parts to make your animal more realistic.  Overall, this task allows me to look things in all perspective, when you happen to turn to the correct angle it would just snap you “ahhh~~ this looks like the…”. SO FUN.

3D-(Assignment 2) “Treasure Hunting”

Last Week ( Week 2) we had to visit Kelantan thieves’ market to purchase some parts needed for our assignment 2. When we reach there we were told that the market only open at 1 plus in the afternoon. NO! honestly it was quite disappointing as I’ve never been to a thieves’ market before. In the end we had to look for our materials at the shop opposite the thieves’ market.

Here’s the shop:)

IMG_1011-min IMG_1008-min