3D II-(Project 3-Final Project) – Zero Waste (Process & Final)

Our Final Project was to participate the CDL competition 2016, with the title “Towards A Zero Waste). We have to create a sculpture, placed on ground level and not taller than 2M. While brain storming, I was wondering what concept I could work into. Zero waste is a very general topic, very wide and also a concept that has been used by many artist. Therefore many sculpture had already been created with the idea of recycle, minimize plastic usage, categorization your waste. Looking through the website, I found these interesting images,

These are traditional craftsmanship like lantern weaving, ba zhang making, umbrella making, traditional rattan trap and rattan seeds. Looking at these images, it gave me an idea that these traditional craftsmanship are something that are precious and we should treasure them before extinct. And also because of the uprising factory mass production, these craftsmanship are slowly being rejected and remove. However, materials use in mass production like plastic, glass are actually creating more waste because they are none bio-degradable, instead using rattan basket for fishing than plastic pails are actually much more environment friendly. And if we don’t treasure these craftsmanship, one day because of the amount of waste created and we start searching for these craftsmanship we would be disappointed to find out that no one actually possess this useful crafts. 

After finalising my concept, I start searching for design inspiration, I want to create something that could represent industrail factory retricting the traditional crafts and also using patterns like lantern weaving, rattan seeds etc,

So I created:

It is a upright sculpture with wood carve in patterns of industrial representative like spur gears, pipes, nuts and bolts. Surrounding and restricting the inside, is a rattan lantern weave ball that is being lock inside. It symbolizes traditional craftsmanship. One ball symbolizing the decreasing craftsmanship market and technique.
All four side of the sculpture have different pattern, so the audience could walk around the see the sculpture in all direction.

Model Making Process: