” Try to imagine a life without timekeeping… Man alone suffer a paralyzing fear that no other creature have to. A fear of time running out.”

Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

A Professor of mine once asked me, in a thick Mexican accent, “What is your concept of time?”


Time froze as I struggle to say something smart…

According to the Einstein, time is relative. Our perception of time is distorted according to our experiences. Time has become another dimension in works of art now, no longer bounded by the stillness of a frame nor locked in a painting. Time has become like another color for artists to change the tone and expression of their works.


Time defines our experiences. We cannot experience music without time. Can the same be said for architecture? If the way we experience a space is by walking from one point of the building to another, the can we say that we experience it through time?

The building does not change, but our location and perception of it changes with time, so can we say that our experience is defined by time?







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