Team 1: Updates on Final Project / Wall Text

From the last meeting we had, Team 1 have decided on a topic.

In our project, we are proposing an exhibition that explores plants in a domestic setting vs plants in a economic settings. We realise however, both of them could be interconnected. We will feature 2 plants each from both setting.

In terms of the template of our exhibition, we thought of dividing the exhibition into two parts, Economic vs Domestic. The concept of the exhibition will take form of(yes you guessed it) of a Indoor Garden. We thought of making it interactive by allowing user to use the Oculus Rift to view the exact setting of the plants that we have chosen. We would need to test this new technology out and see if it is doable within the weeks to come.

Our Wall Text (First frame)

Singapore Botanical Garden almost didn’t get to be a UNESCO Heritage site. Right after Sir Stamford Raffles’s death, the Gardens fell out of favour with the colonial authorities even though the garden was successful in introducing cultivation of economic crops and served as a place for agricultural experimentation. The original location of the botanic garden which was located at Government Hill(Fort Canning Hill) was totally gone and the land being returned to the government in 1846.

Second Frame

In 1859, the Gardens reopen at its present site. It begin to organise flower shows and horticultural fetes, there was even a zoo in the gardens. But the garden only got serious when Henry James Murton took over in 1875. He set up a system of plant exchange with other botanical institutions worldwide, introduced a herbarium and library. This exchanges of knowledge and seed make the Singapore Botanical Garden a one of kind where it evolved from an experimental economic garden to a botanical institution with roles in research, education, conservation and recreation.


3 thoughts on “Team 1: Updates on Final Project / Wall Text

  1. Sujatha Meegama

    What an excellent idea! We have looked at personal gardens before in other countries. What is the tradition of personal gardens here in Singapore?
    The Occulus Rift would be a lovely interactive device–would this be to take us into the original local of the plants?
    Have you visited the original location in Fort Canning? Isn’t there a spice garden there still? Are those the remnants of the old Botanical garden?

    Good brief history of the botanical gardens. Perhaps it could go on a wall label called the History of the Botanical Gardens.

    What is the wall text for your exhibition?

  2. Rong En

    In regards to the Oculus Rift idea (which is awesome by the way), what do you mean by the “exact settings” of the plants? Will you guys be creating an actual simulation for what the visitor will experience/see?

    It will be great if you guys can draw the link between the spice garden (in Fort Canning) and the current Botanic garden? Because the spice garden was originally inspired by the first Botanic Garden (that was established by Raffles)

    Other than that, the introduction to Botanic Garden for the wall text is good. 😀 <3

  3. Sujatha Meegama

    Thank you for your feedback Rong En!
    Yes, it would be nice to see a link between the Fort Canning Garden Spice Garden and the current botanical garden, especially since the group has decided to focus on spices (I think). Were any of the plants from the Spice Garden grown in the current botanical garden? Is there any connection apart from the historical one?

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