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What is Art?

If you ask me what is art today, I would say that it is about a form of expression and emotion. But if you ask me what is art 10 years ago, I would say Art is the fresh coat of paint design on the HDB block.

DSC08607 copy

me with duchamp

I have a brand new definition of art when I leave MOMA and the Met in New York. To me, Art is a process. A process so sophisticated that it changes everyday.

For example, back in 16th Century, those craftsmen who did those Ceylon casket and presenting it to Queen Catherine as a piece of art. But now, we called these caskets as antiquities and even might able to label such similar items as relic. We might agree that it still a piece of art today as compare to the 16th Century, however, today’s definition of art is not affirmative to call it art and exhibit it in a museum beside a Rothko.

DSC08796 copy

I guess I can define Art as categories as well. Like how Jackson Pollock won’t be exhibited in the Asian Civilisation Museum but a work from Justin Lee will.

As much as art is a freedom of expression, there are bodies who wants to control Art like those big art house. Art become commercialise like Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons but it’s all good, art makes the money go round.

DSC08579 copy

Claude Monet, Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond, c. 1920, 200 × 1,276 cm (78.74 × 502.36 in), oil on canvas, Museum of Modern Art, New York City