Mnemosyne Assignment 3

Mnemosyne Scent

According to BBC, smell is the oldest sense that existed way before sight, hearing or touch. Having its origins in the rudimentary senses for chemicals in air and water, creatures evolved to respond to chemicals around them.

This could be why the slightest of scent can trigger forgotten memory, an instinct which time cannot dull.

Revisiting memories with scent 





Plastic Model

The curved branching top part of the sculpture represents the scent with a pleasant memory. It has a concentrated core which eventually branches out like the scent of shampoo, and has an enveloping effect which reminds me of the comfort of my grandparent’s house.

The bottom half of the sculpture represents the scent with an unpleasant memory. The smooth transparent part depicts the smooth smell of cream, while the pierced blue part portrays the piercing feeling of itch.

The 2 parts which represents pleasant and unpleasant memories of scent creates a simple composition when combined together. However, the bottom half does not seem to convey the feeling of itch as well and can perhaps be sanded to create texture.

Improved Model

The blue part was cut into a triangle shape for a sharp effect and made smaller to become more like an SO.


The part where the SO pierces the D was sanded to create texture and focus onto the pierced area.

3D Planes

Sketch Model 1 


Issues with this sketch model includes placing the D in the centre mark, and the placement of the SD being a little awkward.

Sketch Model 1 Revised


Improvements made from original sketch model – moving D away from 1/2 mark.


Sketch Model 2

D- Yellow, SD – Red, SO – Blue

Sketch Model 2 needed improvement in how the D,SD and SO interacts and it is very cluttered. The D is also not clear and needs to be larger.

Sketch Model 2 Revised

D – Yellow, SD – Red, SO – Blue


Interaction of D,SD and SO occurs around 1/3 mark of the base

The sketch model became more dynamic by extending the D and placing it in an ascending height. It contrasts nicely with the interaction of S, SD and SO.