Week 8 Project Update

Magnet Chimes

Project Update

To improve this project, I would like to experiment with electromagnets to perhaps enable the viewer to have a better control in manipulating the magnet chimes.

Creating an electromagnet using:

  • Large iron nail (approximately 3 inches in length)
  • Thin coated copper wire
  • Dry cell batteries
  • Electric tape
  • Iron fillings, paper clips and other magnetic items
Below is a sketch for how I would try to incorporate the electromagnet into the structure, however there is definitely a need to try different ways to include the electromagnet.
Surprise is defined as the unexpected, or discovering something suddenly. This aspect exists in how the reaction of the magnets with each other and with the electromagnet cannot be anticipated, and the sounds that emerge from the chimes will always be different according to their position and the viewer’s manipulation.

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  1. In addition to my key suggestions in class, you should pay attention to the formal (visual/sculptural and kinesthetic) aspects of your project in addition to its sonic qualities.

    For example, take a look at Alexander Calder’s mobiles, and do some research into kinetic art.
    Some of the aesthetic principles, ideas and solutions you will find may be applicable to your work as well.

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