[Narrative Interaction] Process – Info-Hunting

To add more content into my website, I visited several places to have better understanding of the history and take photos of the artefacts and images/sketches they have in the past.

1) Labrador Park
This place is believed to be the location of Longya Men. Hence, the National Heritage Board constructed a replica of the Longya Men structure. I also found interesting information that can be used for my website from the panels that they displayed.

There were also sketches and old maps in relation to Longya Men.

2) Fort Canning Park
Another place I visited was the the ‘Archaeological Dig’ at Fort Canning. It provides a glimpse into the history of Singapore through the artefacts that have been uncovered on Fort Canning Hill.

I had to take some photos of the artefacts which as Fort Canning Hill (or ‘Banzu’ at that time) is the other settlement that was mentioned along with Longya Men in the 14th century. By chance, there was a panel about Longya Men as well.

3) NUS Museum
The last place I went to was NUS Museum, more specifically the Archaeology Library. Here, I could find more artefacts excavated at various parts of Singapore especially Fort Canning. A significant portion of the objects are finds from the pre-colonial and colonial periods (materials produced and used in Singapore).

It was a fun experience going to places which hold objects that communicate a ‘story’ about the past. As I looked for information, I was actually doing what I aim my website to do : piecing together the narrative myself.

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