[Internet Art & Culture] Telematic Stroll with Tiffany

Broadcasters & Locations :
Putri Dina Andyana |   Pasir Ris Park, East of Singapore
Tiffany Anne Rosete |   Raffles Place, Central of Singapore

Theme :
Natural Wonder v.s. Concrete Jungle  |   “Garden in a City & City in a Garden”

A Telematic Stroll

Natural Wonder v.s. Concrete JungleA telematic stroll between myself (at Pasir Ris Park in the East) and Tiffany Anne (at Raffles Place, in the Central).

Posted by Dina Anuar on Saturday, 4 November 2017

Just like most Asian countries, the urban and nature co-exist here in Singapore. Although the “Garden City” vision was introduced by our Prime Minister 50 years ago, the Concrete Jungle is still unable to be compared with the lush greenery and calm environment of the Natural Wonder.

In this Telematic  Stroll, Tiffany and I wanted to broadcast the contrast of these two locations by placing our screens side-by-side. We wanted to show the contrast of being in two different environments even though we were on a single City at the same time.

“Meeting Place”
At our ‘meeting place’, I was walking on a wooden pathway above a swamp in Pasir Ris Park while Tiffany was walking in the middle of the city.

I was surrounded by trees while Tiffany was surrounded by buildings

It was ironic that my connection was very good in the nature world while she was lagging in the urban city, a place filled with super fast technology.

Perfectly fine bandwidth on my side in contrast to Tiffany’s

Walking to the Beach/River
While we were walking along the pathways, I realised that we framed our cameras the same way coincidentally! I was communicating with Tiffany about the things we were seeing and I did not even notice them. Check out the images below!

A straight pathway
A slight turn there
Another turn (as if both pathways were merged together)
A similar corner!
Back to straight again

Out into the Open
I had came out of the swamp area while Tiffany was reaching the Singapore River. 

Natural v.s. Man-made
Wooden Plank v.s. Concrete Floor
One thing that we were seeing together was the blue sky

Although Tiffany was in a place where lights were shining from everywhere (buildings, lampposts, vehicles, restaurants etc.), the Concrete Jungle was still dark. No matter how much humans tried to light the area up, it cannot be compared to the vast Natural Wonder.

So many lights shining in the City yet, it was so dark.

The Water Meet
Both of us were excited as we were running towards the water source on each of the locations (Sea for me and River for Tiffany). We aligned our cameras so the waters meet!

Singapore Sea meets Singapore River

Our main highlight of the Telematic Stroll was supposed to be the sunset but it was raining on Tiffany’s side while the clouds were blocking the sun on my side. So.. we showed a ‘make-shift’ sun reflecting the water instead.

Sea water v.s. River water
‘Sunsets’ haha

Let’s Have a Seat
Tiffany had no choice but to find shelter from the heavy rain. She came upon a bus stop and invited me to sit next to her. Coincidentally, there was a fallen tree right behind me.

My tree bark bench v.s. Tiffany’s marble bench
Our benches meet as we sit ‘next to each other’

And of course, we could not help but play around while we were at it.

Creating a Third Space heart
How about matching our fingers?

While sitting, we had multiple conversations and I told Tiffany how the sound of the water on her side was from the rain while mine was from the waves.

Car from the city ‘driving into’ Pasir Ris beach

And all this while, we had a third person enjoying the stroll together with us; Alvin!

The third person taking a virtual stroll with us from the beginning till the end.

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